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November 11th & 12th – Brush Pick Up

Fall Brush Pick Up Scheduled for November 11th & 12th

Our Public Works Department will be out with the truck and chipper to take away residential brush left in piles on the front curbs of our residents’ properties.  They will be collecting the brush beginning on Monday, November 11th at 7:00 AM and will collect it through Tuesday, November 12th.  This program is intended for larger tree branches resulting from trimming or storm damage and is not for the disposal of whole trees.  No stumps or roots can be taken.  All brush must be a minimum of four feet in length and between two to eight inches in diameter.  Small or thin branches can cause damage to the chipper by causing it to jam and this could result in a safety hazard.  Please be aware that branches will be left behind if they can’t be put through the chipper safely.  All other yard waste (leaves, clippings, small branches, etc.) placed in acceptable stickered containers will be picked up by Groot on your usual collection day.  The Village respectfully requests your cooperation with these guidelines.